Nelson Mandela Day – Children of Fire Organisation

This past Friday, the Gaulug Team was able to do participate in the annually Nelson Mandela day to give 67 minutes of our time to those less fortunate.  Gaulug was able to donate Lego Charity Boxes from the LEGO Education Foundation to the Children of Fire Charity in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

From the moment we arrived it was clear that these kids had an appreciation of life and everyone was smiling. We were even personally greeted by each child and smiles were abounding from everyone.

After a couple of quizzes to test our knowledge of the history of Nelson Mandela, we were to give the Children of Fire Organisation the LEGO educational boxes.  As usual everybody felt like kids and the children and adults were soon building to see who can build the best house.

We would like to thank the LEGO Education Foundation for the opportunity to change the life’s, (even in a small way), of the children at the Children of Fire organisation on the Nelson Mandela Day event.

More Photos:

LEGO Flag build – Cradlestone Mall – 4th to 6th July 2014


The excitement for the South African flag build at Cradlestone Mall was built up weeks in advance with bricks being sorted and all the Gaulug members feeling like kids again. Jason and Riaan even had time to build some of their own new creations for the event. Riaan insisted that his own mall creation had centre stage. Well done Riaan and Jason on a fantastic build.  As usual Riaan could not contain his excitement and was all packed up and ready to build a week in advance. Jason went to set up the base on Thursday so all was smooth sailing from there.

With all the bricks sorted and each member responsible to bring them, along the event started early on Friday the 4th of July. We all gathered eagerly at 07:30, crates of bricks in hand to get the show kicked off.

Off course with all the excitement, fan fair and a group of over-enthusiastic LUG members we started building at a rapid pace (with this group nothing is steady!). Pretty soon Paul had to rein us in and put the brakes on us forcing us to build slower.  How do you manage to get Adult LEGO fanatics to calm and slow down?  To stem the tide of the group building too quickly, completion goals where set for each day.  With this in mind the goal for the day was focusing on finishing half of the green colour on Friday.

Saturday morning the van Graan production team arrived. Fanie and Theresa grafted and left the rest of us in the dust with their building speed.  Jason and Paul had to step in to ensure they did not finish the build in a day.  With the van Graan’s on break at least it gave Tony some time to build as well and double check that the building went according to plan.  Even the little Gauluggers, Fanie’s kids helped with the building, these little ones are Lego master builders in the making and compliments to Jason’s and Fanie’s kids for all their help before and during the build. Corne and Paul also joined on Saturday; this ensured the flag would be completed on time! By the end of Saturday afternoon the Flag was built to the second white line with only red remaining.

Sunday morning started of slow like a Formula 1 practice session but once again the van Graan’s kicked into gear and built at a steady pace leaving the rest of us in LEGO dust.  With more set goals during the day we all jumped in to finish the flag at 12 o’clock.  With four bricks remaining the excitement reached a climax with each member placing the last bricks just before 12:00.

We are proud members of Gaulug and proudly South African!

It was a pleasure building with each and every team member and a great team building event for the Gaulug team.  It was surely Christmas in July!



Display at Cradlestone Mall


 We arrived to a very well organised display area thanks to monique from build and play(the legoshop). Setup took forever for Jason and Paul with Dax enjoying it very much. Gaulug filled 20 tables with the greatest models.


 Riaan had a nice Octan petrol station with fuel price and all. He promised to update his fuel price every month. his vintage collection drew a lot of attention as well. Thank you Riaan for staying till after six to watch the displays.


 Fanie had a very colourful city display. It drew a lot of interest from the public. He was packed most of the time. Thank you Fanie for staying with Riaan till late. He needed someone to hold his hand.


 Hilton was responsible for making sure there was a fire department and hospital. Hilton also watched our displays most of Saturday while I was running around. Thank you for helping me pack my display away.


 Tony was my favorite for the display. He had the smallest but most powerful displays for the day. Just a pity everybody does not appreciate miniscale like I do. He put together a brilliant mini train display. You have talent man.


 Dax did a lot of effort with his trains of the past collection. He printed a label for every train with set number, name and year on it. The older people loved showing their kids what they played with. He also had his battle of hoth there. It is still a hit with the public.


Paul made a perfect minifig for Tony and Dax. Thanks to all 7 of our exhibiters. We all did a great job and deserve a pat on the back. We started of as creators and ended up friends.

Special thanks to Lego shop Cradlestone for the opportunity.

More photos and still more photos.

End of the Year 2013


GauLUG’s end of the year function was kindly hosted by Jason and Karin on the 16 of December. We were fortunate to have several potential new members join us for the day and look forward to seeing them at our next display opportunity.



Display at Fourways Mall


December last year we had the opportunity to display at Fourways Mall, where we managed to display over ten tables worth of displays.

This was the first display for our new member, Hilton, and he brought an impressive Star Wars hanger/battle moc.


Dax as usual seemed to take forever to set up his displays and the members generally had a hard time keeping their heads on straight.


Special thanks to Lego shop Fourways for the opportunity.



Brick Fair 2013

Brick Fair 2013 was held on the 26 and 27 of October and GauLUG was there.

The Brick Fair was held in front of Toy Adventures new store at the Pick n Pay Court. This was a great location and we had plenty of interest from the large amount of people passing by.



Dax had a new monorail display as well as his Hoth display.


Jason had his Mission Mars display.


Tony and I had a combined Modular Building display.

We all had an awesome if not tiring weekend. Can’t wait for this years fair.

Special thanks to Gerhard from Toy Adventures for all his hard work in putting the fair together.

WRO Nationals 31 August 2013

  • DSC_0423

Jason and Dax with their teams. Tony also loved the art in motion.

  • DSC_0286
  • Spiderman and some other three superzeroes, sorry, I mean heroes. 
  • DSC_0282
  • Dax’s hoth base attracted the cutest ladies.


A lot of attention on the battle of hoth. Great display Dax.


Dax and his battle of hoth.



Jason and Jarin with their mission mars on steroids.


Spectacular. Great job Paul.




Some of the lego fans. Jason and his son Jarin.



Tony’s display with the monster from down under.

We held a speed build for the eager lego fans. Hands on Tech and Lego SA gave us a few nice prizes to hand out. Every competitor got a prize. Thank you for the generous sponsors. Everybody competed, even the elderly (18 and over).

  • DSC_0427
  • We let the kids assist the adults. ”you go dad, that is wrong dad, must I always build it for you dad”. This is a true roll model for any child.  You go dad!

Speed Build 5yr-7yr 1

Proud of all the competitors.

Speed Build 5yr - 7yr 2

Pure concentration, talent and skill at work.

Speed Build Winners 5yr - 7yr

Our winners in our 4-7 Year old speed build. ”Klein maar getrein”.

Speed Build 8yr-10yr

Waiting for Jason to give the start. We had three teams, the Jason team, the Daxters and Poor Tony’s team. You guessed it, Poor Tony’s team won. They got first, second and third. That means Tony is our ‘speed demon’.

Speed Build Winners 8yr-10yr 1

Our winners in the 7-10 year speedbuild. The winner here is a real speed demon.

Speed Build 11yr-18yr 1

Pure concentration.

 Speed Build Winners 11yr-18yr

Our winners in the 11-18 year old speedbuild.

Display and speed build was a huge success. Thank you to the whole GAULUG team. We are a team to be proud off.

Once again special thanks to Hands on Technologies and the WRO.

Display at WRO


On the 27th of July we had the privilege of displaying or MOC’s at the World Robotics Olympiad Regional finals held at the Tshwane University of Technology.

Dax had his awesome Starwars Hoth display, Jason had a stunning Mars Mission display and I had my castle display. My castle display did not travel home very well so this was its last public display.


More pics in our Flickr group.

Special thanks to Hands on Technologies and the WRO.

Second LUG Meeting



Our second LUG meeting was held on the 13th of July. On the agenda for this meet was a speed build of 5767 Cool Cruiser. Jason took the crown with Dax coming in second. For the sake of our pride I won’t mention where the rest of us placed.

“Word of the meet” was plant and it resulted in some very different builds for this meet, and we now have a trophy for the best moc.  Tony took the honours with his micro farm.


LUG Meeting



Our third get together was on the 5th of May. This was really our first official LUG Meeting. Everybody took part in a collaborative build of 10232 Palace Cinema.


This meeting also introduced the “Word of the meet”. Every meeting gets a word that each member then builds a MOC for. For this meet the word was “Sirens” and there were some great moc’s presented.